Safety First

Safety First

When we put safety first, quality is always at the highest level because the job is done right.

At Phazer Electric, we go above and beyond to ensure safety is the top priority. Employees participate in extensive ongoing training in CPR, first aid, WHMIS, fall arrest lockout, confined space, and more, as required by the governing bodies. With the assistance of WRM Safety Solutions, Phazer Electric has created a rigorous prevention program to ensure both legal compliance and the safety of our staff through the implementation of strict standards and safety monitoring as part of our ongoing operations management.

Taking full advantage of the WRM’s System 24-7 program to ensure safety on-site and off.

Phazer Electric utilizes WRM’s System 24-7 to track each employee’s progress, module completion, and expiry dates to ensure a safe work environment. This highly intuitive program provides notifications and reminders about training and issues completion certificates on demand. Its full reporting system allows our managers and supervisors to get “real time” training completion reports in several easily readable formats. This allows us to demonstrate due diligence if requested by provincial health and safety inspectors or for year-end performance reviews. All workplace policies and forms can be easily managed, stored, and catalogued in one convenient location, making System 24-7 our not so secret weapon for workplace health and safety.

Our careful, knowledgeable, and fully trained people ensure that each project meets OUR high-quality standards as well as YOURS

Our training programs are correlated directly to the roles and responsibilities of each employee within our organization through the WRM Safety Solutions portal. This means that all training is unique to each individual and their employment requirements. Training and review of applicable policies can also be completed prior to a team member starting their first shift. This ensures new hires have the skills and understanding of our requirements before they ever step foot into the workplace.

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