What are Commercial Electrical Contractors & Commercial Building Electrical Systems?

Commercial electrical contractors are crucial for any successful commercial building. They ensure the proper upkeep and safety of large commercial warehouses and office buildings. It’s important to understand the different commercial electrical systems. Then you can choose the right electrical system for you.

What is a Commercial Electrical System

Commercial electrical systems require frequent maintenance. They are complex structures that power large buildings. A sophisticated electrical system is key to powering commercial buildings. These are unlike traditional residential systems. This includes different wiring systems and conduits.

The size of a commercial property is key. This will determine what level of electrical infrastructure is necessary. Then, professional installation is essential to minimize hazards. They also establish a stable electrical output. Commercial electrical contractors are critical to keeping your building stable.

Types of Electrical Systems for Commercial Buildings

Electrician works on electrical system

There are three main types of commercial electrical systems. Each has its own specific features.

Raceways & Conductors

Firstly, the raceway and conductor electrical method involves metallic or nonmetallic conduit or tubing. It goes alongside a ground conductor to send an electrical current. This is one of the most common installation methods.

The raceway and conductor system is affordable. It’s also simple to install. Additionally, this system thrives in both wet and dry conditions.


Furthermore, a busway is an electrical distribution system commonly used in large facilities. These buildings typically require multiple power sources. Within a metal structure, busways can evenly distribute power to secondary devices. Its flexible nature means that you can easily switch load takeoffs. Busways are small but their mighty capabilities can exude between 60 and 4,000 Amps of power.

Cable Assemblies

Lastly, cable assemblies are cheap and fast to install. They are also known as cable harnesses. This consists of groups of cables arranged into a single configuration. They are custom crafted to fit any space. Cable assemblies are also versatile and fire-resistant. This ensures efficiency while prioritizing safety.

Choosing the Right Electrical System for Your Commercial Building

Choosing the right electrical system

When it comes to choosing the right electrical system for your commercial building it’s important to consider several factors. 

How much power do you need?

First, keep in mind how much power your specific business needs. The required amount of power for an office building will be different than that of a manufacturing warehouse. A smaller system will fulfill the needs of corporate office work. But a more complex system will sustain a manufacturing or distribution center.

How big is your building?

Additionally, consider the size of your commercial building. The bigger the space the stronger the electrical system will need to be. If you try to run too many devices without enough power, technical issues will arise. Although a larger system is expensive, it’s important to invest in your company’s needs.

Commercial Electrical Contractors Maintenance and Repair

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Most electrical system failures occur due to a lack of internal maintenance. That’s why it’s important to perform regular upkeep on your commercial electrical system. Along with routine maintenance, an annual safety inspection is also highly recommended.

It’s important to immediately contact professional commercial electrical contractors when needed. Keep an eye out for light bulbs that burn out fast. This may be a sign of too much installation or voltage.

Additionally, common signs can suggest that it’s time for a repair. Indicators include random electrical surges and power sags. These issues can lead to permanent damage. It’s important to address them immediately.

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