Background and History

Phazer Electric was founded in 1990 to capitalize in the growing business of electrical contracting in the industrial, commercial, residential & service market place.

Slow steady growth in the 1990s from under $2 million in sales to over $12 million by the end of the decade and entry into large electrical contracting projects ensued.

The economic downturn in the nineties allowed us to focus and to concentrate on repeatable business from our existing customers and to focus on servicing and building better partner relationships with our general contractor customers.

In the period from 2001 until the present, Phazer Electric has expanded to become an excellent electrical construction and service contractor in the Greater Toronto Area. Our communications and data division are skilled in BAS, systems integration, CCTV, access, audio-visual, PA & intercom and structured cabling all performed with our in- house, highly trained technicians and support staff.


Phazer has evolved from a commodity provider of services to a partner with our customers managing their data, communication and electrical assets.

We have a a service division to complement our existing construction division. This will allow us to provide preventative logic to improve overall energy utilization in our customer’s facilities through proper maintenance, repair and timely replacement of major electrical equipment.

Our position in the electrical and communication construction market is to deal directly with end user owners who come primarily from our service customer base and perform installation of replacement and additional equipment as they expand their businesses. We also participate in specialty markets through a select general contractor list of companies with whom we have formed a mutually trusting relationship where they appreciate the expertise and quality, we bring to the construction process.

Products and Services

Phazer, as a data, communications and electrical contractor, provides standard services offered by many of our competitors. Our multi trade line approach differentiates us significantly from the vast majority of our competitors. We can provide a “one stop” solution that can be very valuable advantage to our customers.

We are an outsource provider of skilled labor and management for owner occupied buildings where our services are focused on critical electrical environments and processes. We have aligned ourselves with a multitude of trade partners to allow us to offer a complete installation process to our customers while acting as the Project Managers on their behalf.

Information and the application of it will be key decision-making inputs in contractor selection in the future. We are in the process of redesigning our internal processes that will allow us to better track and monitor our customers’ needs and requirements.


We are not aligned with any of the major manufacturers or suppliers of electrical equipment. Our supply chain is direct from manufactures and also through wholesalers. We treat our suppliers as a very important part of the process in making us successful. We develop very professional, mutually respectful relationships with them, using their knowledge and engineering skills to assist us in our construction and service requirements.

Our Culture

Phazer is an open shop contractor. This allows us to locate our technicians in any jurisdiction as there are no travel constraints on them. This allows our technicians to become familiar with both the facility and the customer’s requirements. Additionally, and more important to the success of our company, is that all our employees feel part of our team and want to do what is best for our customers and our company.

We pride ourselves on our communication skills with both our internal and external customers and most importantly, our employees.

We have longevity of employment in our organization. Many of our employees have been at Phazer for over 20 years and the majority of licensed staff have been at Phazer over ten years. Many others have spent their entire apprenticeship training with Phazer and will have long and successful careers.

We have annual reviews between all employees and their supervisors with a primary focus to plot training programs for the employee over the next year. All related training that ensues from this process in paid for by Management.

Best Practices

Phazer will continue to strive to be a destination employer for the best and the brightest in our industry. We have been recognized in our industry as a great place to work and we will only improve this experience.

Group trainings and one on one involvement with peers in our business only strengthens our overall business.

We are on course to increase our sales and improve our profitability from our existing business partners. New affiliations and alliances to existing, and growing, customer base will only enlarge the opportunity.

Associations & Accreditations

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